Onya Produce Bag - 8 Pack Apple - MissionReduce
Onya Produce Bag - 8 Pack Apple - MissionReduce

Onya Produce Bag - 8 Pack Apple

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Onya Produce Bag- 8 Pack Apple

These Reusable Produce Bags are an easy alternative for single use plastic fruit and vegetable bags when doing your everyday shopping.

The bags let water/air flow through so you can use them to wash your produce and then simply hang your bags to dry.

Other Produce Bag Uses:

Incredibly versatile, Please see below for some other handy ways their bags can be used in your everyday life!

  • Bulk Goods: Dried Fruit, Nuts, Grains
  • Laundry bag
  • Nut Milk bag
  • Herb Drying


  • Made from BPA Free food safe rPET material (recycled plastic drink bottles)
  • Weighing just 10 grams per bag, they are lightweight but strong
  • Each bag holds up to 2 kilos/4.4 pounds
  • The bags measure 30cm wide x 25cm high/11.8in wide x 9.8in high and they have a 2cm/0.7in gusset
  • Bags feature a gusset and draw string tie
  • See through mesh bags allow shop assistants to know exactly what’s inside at a glance
  • Made from up to 10 recycled plastic drink bottles (rPET)
  • 100% Vegan Friendly
  • 12 month Manufacturers Warranty

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